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Reducing Lead Exposure

In general, the following are practices that will help limit exposure to lead:

  • Remove shoes when entering your home.

  • Reduce your exposure to tobacco smoke.

  • Wash your children’s hands after playing outside.

  • Take the necessary precautions if you suspect your home may contain lead-based paint.

  • Brush your pet often and outside if possible.

  • Wash all fruit and vegetables before eating them.

  • Keep your home free of dust and dirt.

  • Be aware of consumer alerts issued by the government about toys and other consumer projects that contain lead.

  • Run your cold water tap first thing in the morning or any time your system hasn’t been used in a while to dispose of possible lead build-up in your pipes.

  • Use only cold water for cooking, drinking and making baby formula since hot water can contain higher quantities of lead.

  • If processing meat that has been shot with lead bullets, take caution and trim generous distances from wound channels.




The Flin Flon Community Health Project is an initiative that stemmed from the Flin Flon Soils Study and is supported by Hudbay Minerals Inc.
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